i only miss you when im breathing

" Ronja Maria Haag (Ron-ya Maria Hog) you are the apple of my eye, the peanut butter to my jelly, and most importantly have become one of my best friends in this whole world, possibly the best.  I can tell you anything and everything and I know you won’t judge, you just listen.  You get me better than anyone else and you are always, always there for me.  I would be lost in this place without you.  You rock my socks off kid (that’s an American thing I think. So you might want to “Urban Dictionary” that shit.  Do you know what Urban Dictionary is? LOL)  Anyways, never be afraid to come to me with anything, just know I will always be here, to sit in silence or to kick and scream.  You my wife for life.  THANKSGIVING 2011!  I hope my family is ready for you.  Love you so, so much."

blev så glad när jag såg detta. galet hur bra folket i min omgivning är.
sammy är bland dom härligaste människorna jag någonsing träffat.
vet inte om det beror på att vi praktiskt taget lever på varandra eller
vad det är, men hon betyder så galet mycket för mig. massa massa kärlek
min vän. <3


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